How to add a human element to your brand on Facebook

Research compiled by Zephoria shows that 42 percent of marketers say using Facebook is critical or important to their business. Moreover, Facebook reported more than 30 million active small business pages in June of 2014. However, people soon learn that just Read More >


Revenue Share: An Alternative to Monetizing Your Blog

If you have a successful blog – business or otherwise – chances are you’ve considered monetizing to see some financial ROI from your hard work. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to earn from your blog, and there are many options with Read More >


Pop-Ups & Lightboxes: Effectively Use Lead Forms on Your Website

When it comes to your website, your goal is to make it as easy as possible for your client to get information. If you make it easy, they’re more likely to look, and therefore more likely to buy from you.

Increasing the simplicity Read More >


5 Reasons February is the best month to write a marketing plan

Lots of people bemoan the fact that February often rolls around before their business marketing plan is complete. I’m here to stop the guilt once and for all. In my mind, February is the BEST month to write a marketing plan. Here’s Read More >


How to effectively use visual content on Instagram

We are constantly bombarded with images. TV advertisements, social media content, email messages or print articles—we’re constantly having words and images thrown at us. But using the right images on the right platform can help your visual marketing strategy work.

Fast Facts

If Read More >


2015 Marketing Plan task nineteen

Pull together your 2015 Marketing Plan from the previous 19 days work.


2015 Marketing Plan task eighteen

You’ve got to test your results – and you have to test at the tactic level. And in order to do that, you have to decide if the tactic has contributed to the strategy. You’ve done enough work now to know that your strategies are pretty solid. So here is where you put the guarantee into your marketing plan.


5 Things Trump, PETA and other shocker brands can teach us about marketing

I am not going to debate whether PETA is ethical or not, or whether Donald Trump is a narcissist. But I think there are some things we can learn from these two and other shocker brands in terms of marketing and public relations.


Using countdowns as the catalyst to increase holiday sales

The premise behind counting down is that your consumer is faced with a limited amount of time to make a purchase. If they’re leaning toward making a buy already, the perceived (or real) time limit will cause them to delay no more.


K-Factor – the math behind viral marketing

It’s every marketer’s dream to create a viral sensation with a website, produce or service, generating an enormous amount of positive word-of-mouth and a slew of new customers. What most people don’t understand is that viral marketing is more math than art. Here’s a quick primer on how marketers use K-factor to chase virality.

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