Are You an Authentic Blogger?

The more I forget about pleasing people, the more popular my blog gets. When I think about it there were several signs that I missed along the way to fakiness. In order for you to learn from my hindsight, here is a checklist to make sure you’re being authentic in your own work.


6 Success Factors for Sales

Here are the top six factors that separate the weak from the strong when it comes to sales:


Connecting with customers organically OFFline

According to Aberdeen Research, 84 percent of marketers use some form of social media today. And, the number of businesses that say social channels like Facebook are important to their business has increased by 75 percent.

But in a time before the Read More >


Connecting with millennials

Generalizations are never a good thing, but marketers are noticing some trends in how millennials find and consume products and services. Things are definitely changing, my friends.

The term “millennials” is used to describe the 18 to 36-year-old demographic who have grown Read More >


2015 Marketing Plan task nineteen

Pull together your 2015 Marketing Plan from the previous 19 days work.


2015 Marketing Plan task eighteen

You’ve got to test your results – and you have to test at the tactic level. And in order to do that, you have to decide if the tactic has contributed to the strategy. You’ve done enough work now to know that your strategies are pretty solid. So here is where you put the guarantee into your marketing plan.


2015 Marketing Plan task number ten

For this task in the 2015 Marketing Plan I just want you to look at your lists from this week. Compare the “channels” you hit up in 2015 with the ones your best customers and desired best customers use. See anything interesting? Are you spending money on ads where none of your best customers get their information? Are there any channels (online ads, for example) you’re missing?


2015 Marketing Plan task number five

Here are a couple good axioms for measurement:

If your transaction volume is low, measure things (like proposals) once a month or so that lead to sales.
If your transaction volume is high, you may need to measure weekly, or even daily.


Write your 2015 marketing plan in 15 minutes a day

Every week of December you’ll be given a task per day to complete that should only take 15 minutes or so. The tasks will be Monday through Friday, so you can catch up on the weekend anytime, or do two tasks in a day, however you want to handle it. If you perform every microstep, at the end of December you’ll have all the components of a simple 2015 marketing plan.


Email Communication Don’ts

Please do not forget your manners, even when communicating through email.

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