IMC fuels #JetSpree’s branding success

“Let’s turn customers’ shopping carts into improvised videos.” It’s an idea so brilliantly quirky as to border on insane – but’s one-day branding spectacular is one of the best examples of integrated marketing communications in action I’ve seen recently.

The premise Read More >


Post-Google Authorship: How To Manage Your Website’s Authors

SEO professionals who preached authorship as the future of content ownership and recognition are losing trust from online marketers and authors who dutifully followed suit to maximize their content marketing strategies.


Defining Long Tail Keywords: Content Marketing’s New Best Friend

By Tyler Weber, Marketing & Communications Director, Digital Solutions, Inc

How often do you find yourself conducting a web search?

To give you a little perspective, in 2013 over 100 billion searches were conducted on Google every month! And that number is expected Read More >


Google conceals keyword source of traffic

Google’s recent announcement that it will be encrypting search queries for users signed into their Google accounts is troubling to some observers. The search giant has cited user security as their main motivation for the change, but it will have serious impacts on SEO.


Your dumbest SEO moves (and how to avoid them)

Most people know that search engine optimization (SEO) techniques help in achieving just that. But not many know that their techniques are quite dumb and actually pulling their website down on the rankings.


Why my dog adds followers faster than I do

I thought taking a look at how @bartthedog pays attention to his social media might give you an idea of how he’s added more than 3000 followers in such a short time – with very little effort.


Five ways to bury bad news

Now more companies have become much more ingenious ways at burying their bad news – rather than addressing it properly


Spare me the company Facebook fan page

I just got yet another invitation to join a company’s Facebook “fan” page. Heavy sigh. Another company Facebook fan page in which they beat their chest with pride at their AMAZING business accomplishments and expect us all to chuckle with fond affection at photos of their zany antics. (OMG, food fight!)