Connecting Strategies that Lead to Success

Here is an excerpt from my article on the PRSA ComPRehension blog. A link to the full article is below. Enjoy! 

Although most marketers accept that integrating marketing communications is a powerful approach, campaigns today seldom realize the full power of the methodology Read More >


How to add a human element to your brand on Facebook

Research compiled by Zephoria shows that 42 percent of marketers say using Facebook is critical or important to their business. Moreover, Facebook reported more than 30 million active small business pages in June of 2014. However, people soon learn that just Read More >


IMC Campaign of the Month: Bharatiya Janata Party

“Modi Run” mobile app

Welcome to the first in a series of monthly profiles I’ll be posting to highlight great IMC campaigns, both recent and past.

This month we profile one of my favorites – the IMC magic worked by the Bharatiya Janata Party Read More >


The IMC Report Card

Earlier this month I wrote about ways to determine whether you’re truly doing integrated marketing communications, or IMC. Everyone is doing integrated marketing in some way or another. It’s always a struggle, however, to determine where your priorities lie Read More >


How to Write a Marketing Plan – the Marketing eBook

If you’ve been following the Wax blog you know that during the month of December I posted one step per day to help build your 2015 Marketing Plan. Each step was meant to require no more than 15 minutes. I also Read More >


5 Reasons February is the best month to write a marketing plan

Lots of people bemoan the fact that February often rolls around before their business marketing plan is complete. I’m here to stop the guilt once and for all. In my mind, February is the BEST month to write a marketing plan. Here’s Read More >


How to effectively use visual content on Instagram

We are constantly bombarded with images. TV advertisements, social media content, email messages or print articles—we’re constantly having words and images thrown at us. But using the right images on the right platform can help your visual marketing strategy work.

Fast Facts

If Read More >


2015 Marketing Plan task number two

Okay, on to task number two. Here we’ll define your END GOAL. This is the goal your plan will drive toward. Please don’t spend more than 15 minutes on this one.


Know Your Best Customer

If you know your best customer, you’ll know how to find them. And you’ll know how to talk to them.


IMC – Fast and fearless at the PRSA International Conference

You have to be brave enough to find the right IMC recipe for your brand or organization. Because it’s different for everybody. Use your audience knowledge and your intuition to start finding the combined tactics that work for you. Remember, in the laboratory many scientific findings are happy accidents. In IMC, it’s much the same way.

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