Google vs. Yahoo: The Local Listings Battle

By Dina Ely

I recently had the “pleasure” of having to update approximately 60 business local listings for a client across the Google and Yahoo local business networks, and what I experienced working with both companies on this Read More >


Creating and measuring linked tactics

Most people in communications and marketing are already performing simple linked tactics. The idea is to become conscious of these tactics and to try to accelerate performance by adjusting and tweaking the timing of them. For my dermatologist clients, for example, I Read More >


Lower Your Startup Costs With These Online Tools

Although Facebook may be the inspiration for startups around the world, the company nearly bankrupted itself with monthly utility bills, bandwidth, servers and a rapidly growing payroll. In 2008, the social media juggernaut burned through its startup funding by spending nearly Read More >


5 Reasons February is the best month to write a marketing plan

Lots of people bemoan the fact that February often rolls around before their business marketing plan is complete. I’m here to stop the guilt once and for all. In my mind, February is the BEST month to write a marketing plan. Here’s Read More >


How to effectively use visual content on Instagram

We are constantly bombarded with images. TV advertisements, social media content, email messages or print articles—we’re constantly having words and images thrown at us. But using the right images on the right platform can help your visual marketing strategy work.

Fast Facts

If Read More >


Be the 20% and Survive the 18-Month Test

According to Bloomberg, 80 percent of new businesses fail within the first 18 months. So how do you make sure you are in the 20 percent that are fortunate to survive the 18-month survival test?


Think your industry is tough to market? Try bail bonds.

ExpertBail puts bail bonds agents in a positive light using clever marketing and brand positioning.


3 Ways to Stand Out in the Trade Show Crowd

Trade shows provide you with countless opportunities to make new client contacts, meet up with potential business partners, and scope out what the competition has up its sleeve.


Why you should visit tradeshows when starting your business

Take time to choose your tradeshow carefully and it could accelerate your business success beyond your wildest dreams.


Five ways to be a more effective Project Manager

There is a wide range of abilities in the Project Management field. However, there are always ways to become better in our profession. So here are a few suggestions that may help in this endeavor.

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