3 marketing lessons from Amazon Prime Day

Even though the social media world may have panned Amazon’s first Prime Day, leadership made at least three good marketing decisions when creating and planning this first big event.


Going Viral: The 5 Best Guerrilla Marketing Pranks

Advertising seems to have less and less of an effect on consumers every day. More people are skipping commercials while watching television programs, thanks to recording services like DVR and streaming services like Netflix. And online ads are easily ignored by Internet Read More >


Donald Trump’s inadvertent lesson in messaging


Years ago, I “carried a bag” in the technology industry. There were very few women in the industry – I think three of us sold those kind of services in Minneapolis at the time. Every time I see or hear Donald Read More >


Microsite Marketing: Is it Right for Your Brand?

A microsite or mini-site is a stand-alone website that rose in popularity as a marketing tool in the mid-1990s with the growth of Google’s then-revolutionary pay-per-click business model. Microsites are still a great way to create a brand-oriented experience for consumers, Read More >


3 Reasons to use project management tools

Mike Salem, CEO, Vorex

Integrated marketing means managing a lot of different channels, including the synchronization of those channels. Lately I’ve met more and more public relations and communications professionals who are training in project management, even going so far as Read More >


Unleash your inner detective for IMC measurement

IMC measurement doesn’t seem like a very sexy topic but it’s really important for a lot of reasons.  At a micro level, testing tells you when linked tactics are working or not working. At a macro level, measurable objectives give Read More >


10 tools for online marketers

By Bryce Colquitt, Small Business MBA 

In 2015, it can be harder than ever to stand out. There are so many marketing channels, and so much noise. There are also a ton of decisions to make – what to write about, how Read More >


Connecting with customers organically OFFline

According to Aberdeen Research, 84 percent of marketers use some form of social media today. And, the number of businesses that say social channels like Facebook are important to their business has increased by 75 percent.

But in a time before the Read More >


30 Sample marketing strategies

Me when I had my big corporate job.

Okay, this promises to be the most boring blog post ever. But whenever I look for examples of strategies I can never find them, so here’s a list of sample marketing strategies. I’ve Read More >


The importance of strategy in IMC

In both integrated marketing communications and traditional marketing, strategy gets a short shrift. Most marketing plans I’ve seen either dive right into tactics after defining their objectives, or they mistake strategies for objectives. It’s always a squishy subject – let’s start with Read More >

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