Loving your customer

I was planning on writing a blog post arguing that if you don’t love your customer, all the data in the world won’t make it right. Then I realized that Tyler Douglas, CMO of Vision Critical,  had already explained the Read More >


Why buying behavior is more important

My newest pair of Warby Parkers

There are some dramatic differences between an approach to integrated marketing communications (IMC) and traditional marketing. The one that seems to be the hardest for traditional marketers (and media buyers in particular) to get their Read More >


How to add a human element to your brand on Facebook

Research compiled by Zephoria shows that 42 percent of marketers say using Facebook is critical or important to their business. Moreover, Facebook reported more than 30 million active small business pages in June of 2014. However, people soon learn that just Read More >


4 Strategies for Omnichannel Success

A study by Deloitte found that omnichannel customers spend three to four times more on purchases than other shoppers. But what exactly does that mean? Omnichannel reflects the choice customers have and how they engage with brands from mobile to social Read More >


Adaptive Content: Personalizing Your Customer Outreach

By Nick Rojas

The name of the game in today’s marketing is personalization. Interactions with modern audiences are more successful and meaningful when they are personalized across multiple channels. This has become increasingly important in recent years, as 94% of companies say Read More >


2015 Marketing Plan task twenty

You’re done with your 2015 Marketing Plan.


2015 Marketing Plan task seventeen

Today we’ll think about new tactics to try for the 2015 Marketing Plan


2015 Marketing Plan task sixteen

Ready to jump into the last week of our plan? I hope you can see how it’s coming together.

Now we finally get down to the nitty gritty – tactics. This is where most small business and entrepreneurs live when it comes to Read More >


2015 Marketing Plan task fifteen

Just write down your strategies for your 2015 Marketing Plan. They don’t have to be beautifully written, they just have to be written.


2015 Marketing Plan task twelve

Strategies are hard. Don’t worry if you feel like you really didn’t “get” yesterday’s task. Or maybe you came up with too many ideas. Either way it’s okay. Strategies are supposed to be the “thinking” part of marketing. So it’s important to Read More >

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